Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Commons Ford Prairie June 2013 Vegetation Survey

On the morning of Saturday, June 22, a small group of volunteers met out on the Commons Ford Prairie to conduct the annual vegetation survey.  The morning was bright and sunny and a nice cool breeze was blowing, making the survey a joy to conduct.

The prairie was in full bloom. An amazing, colorful array of native grasses and forbs have sprouted this year. While a few invasives were sighted - mainly KR bluestem, Johnson grass and Bermuda grass - the overwhelming majoprity of species were the natives that were planted a year and a half ago. Grass species included big, little and silver bluestem, eastern gamagrass, sideoats gramma, Canada and Virgina Rye. Native forb species included standing cypress, Illinois bundleflower and Maximillian sunflower.

Annual summer vegetation surveys will contniue to be conducted in the years to come as they are essential to monitoring the health of the prairie and for keeping the invasives at bay.

Photo Credit: Chris Coxwell


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