Sunday, April 13, 2014

Whack-a-Weed Day: Round 2

Our first Whack-a-Weed Day was a great success, thanks to our dedicated volunteers! However, spring is in full swing and the invasive grasses are continuing to sprout in the prairie. So a second round of weed whacking is being organized by park manager Joan Singh. 

Whack-a-Weed Day: Round 2 is scheduled for Saturday, April 26. You can register for the event and find out more details here.  Volunteers of all ages and skill levels are welcome. 

Prairie restoration is a long-term process. It takes years, even decades, to completely eradicate invasive plants and return a tract of prairie to its native state. By assisting in this process, you are helping to ensure that this natural treasure will continue to awe and inspire park visitors with its vibrant wildflowers, butterflies and birds for years to come.